Izjava o tveganju: Forex in CFD prinašata visoko stopnjo tveganja in izguba lahko presega vaš začetni polog. Admiral Markets UK Ltd priporoča, da poiščete nasvet neodvisnega finančnega svetovalca, da si zagotovite popolno razumevanje tveganje povezano z Forex-om, CFD-ji, vzvodom in Leverag trgovanjem Poleg tega, Vas opozarjamo, da preučite vse informacije v Dokumentu ključnih informacij , da bi razumeli naravo, tveganja, stroške, morebitne dobičke in izgube od proizvodov, ki jih ponujamo pri nas.

Thousands of people get into financial trading every day.

London is financial centre of Europe.

And everyday thousands of people quit financial trading.
Never to return again...

They have entered the market for the thrill of trading, or to chase a pipe-dream, wanting to look just like a guy they have seen on TV.

They came in for the entirely wrong reasons. It is not about the thrill, it is not about a smart suit and it is not about introducing yourself as a financial trader to your acquaintances.

It is all about the money!

Money: Pound Sterling, Euro, US Dollar.
And every successful person will tell you one thing: nothing that involves money is easy, especially when it comes to financial trading!

Financial trading is all about hard work, dedication and risk management.

It is not about a moment of brilliance, it is about doing the right thing every time you open a new order.

There are no shortcuts in financial trading: you always have to take the long way!

We understand this...

Do you?

Our offer to you, get into financial trading the right way.

The only way:


We will provide you with all the necessary resources required to succeed as a Forex trader ranging from books, online seminars and video tutorials.

Demo Account

Combine theory and practice with an account that will allow you to experience financial trading free of charge with no risk of loss.

Account Manager

Every single client of ours receives personal assistance from an account manager who will assist you with anything: from setting up your trading platform to opening a live account.

MT4: Supreme Edition

This powerful plug-in features the following ample conveniences and performance-enhancing tools such as the Mini Trader, Alarm Manager, Correlation Matrix, Trader Calculator and a lot more.

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