Christmas and New Year's Holiday Schedule 2007.12.11

December 11, 2007 14:05

We wish to draw your attention to our operating hours over the forthcoming Christmas and New Year period:

Monday 24/12/07 16:00 GMT: Markets Close, until
Wednesday 26/12/07 08:00 GMT: Markets Reopen as normal, until
Monday 31/12/07 16:00 GMT: Markets Close, until
Wednesday 02/01/08 08:00 GMT: Markets Reopen for the New Year.
We would like clients to be fully aware that there is a higher level of risk involved in maintaining open positions over the holiday period.

Please note the following important conditions that may affect the execution of your limit and stop orders during this period:

We reserve the right to apply a greater degree of slippage in the event of order execution during illiquid market conditions.

Stop orders, due for execution when we reopen, will be filled at our prevailing opening rates, irrespective of the level at which the stop order was initially placed.

Limit orders will only become due for a fill if the market reaches the required level whilst AM is open for business; irrespective of the price action whilst AM is closed.

There will be no increasing in margining or any other special actions taken over the holiday period.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your custom in 2007 and wish you a very prosperous New Year.

Opozorilo o tveganju

CFDji so kompleksnih instrumentov in prinašajo visoko tveganje hitre izgube denarja zaradi uporabe vzvoda. 83% maloprodajnih investitorjev izgubi denar pri trgovanju s CFD-ji tem ponudniku. Morate dobro razmisliti ali razumete, kako delujejo CFDji in ali si lahko privoščite, da prevzamejo tako veliko tveganje za izgubo svojega denarja.